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Shadow of Mordor

Picking up where the Shadow of Mordor left off, Talion heads to Mount Doom to forge a new ring free of Sauron’s power, but things don’t quite work out. Shelob, […]

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Lets play Fusion Frenzy

Late last month Microsoft began to roll out backwards compatibility for some original Xbox games! Whilst some had been available on the 360 it’s taken until now for the same […]

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Cuphead – Testing Your Mettle

Okay, it’s a long time coming, but we’ve finally reviewed Cuphead. I’ve been trying to get through this game in order to give you all a comprehensive and detailed review. […]

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Blackhole: The Complete Edition

Blackhole is a 2D platform game developed by Czech studio FiolaSoft that was originally released for the PC back in 2015, but is now available for console. Set in 2121, […]

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Marvel v Capcom: Fighting for Survival

Fighting games are the staple diet of many a gamer. From Street Fighter to Mortal Kombat, to the popular Killer Instinct games, punching people in the face has long been […]

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FIFA 18 – A bold step?

FIFA games have a habit of presenting us with the most accurate representation of today’s footballing world in an accessible format, complete with countless football teams, players, shirts and stadiums. […]