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Beat Saber – Block Killer App

I originally purchased my Oculus Rift through some sort of bizarre “Must have the fanciest gadgets competition” between myself and my father (for the record, he has the most money, […]

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Sea Of Thieves – A Voyage Worth Taking

Rather than harp on about how much I think of Sea of Thieves truly is one of those games that comes along once every generation, I want to tell you […]

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Halo 6? Not so Fast

Are you wondering where Halo 6 is? Or when news about it will appear? Then look no further. I have all the Halo 6 news you need… …It won’t be […]

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The Long Dark – Dying to finish

It’s not often that you get games that are surprising and entertaining. But The Long Dark is definitely one of those titles. Developed and published by Hinterland Studio The Long […]

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Shadow of Mordor

Picking up where the Shadow of Mordor left off, Talion heads to Mount Doom to forge a new ring free of Sauron’s power, but things don’t quite work out. Shelob, […]

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Lets play Fusion Frenzy

Late last month Microsoft began to roll out backwards compatibility for some original Xbox games! Whilst some had been available on the 360 it’s taken until now for the same […]

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Cuphead – Testing Your Mettle

Okay, it’s a long time coming, but we’ve finally reviewed Cuphead. I’ve been trying to get through this game in order to give you all a comprehensive and detailed review. […]