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Cuphead – Testing Your Mettle

Okay, it’s a long time coming, but we’ve finally reviewed Cuphead. I’ve been trying to get through this game in order to give you all a comprehensive and detailed review. […]

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Blackhole: The Complete Edition

Blackhole is a 2D platform game developed by Czech studio FiolaSoft that was originally released for the PC back in 2015, but is now available for console. Set in 2121, […]

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Marvel v Capcom: Fighting for Survival

Fighting games are the staple diet of many a gamer. From Street Fighter to Mortal Kombat, to the popular Killer Instinct games, punching people in the face has long been […]

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FIFA 18 – A bold step?

FIFA games have a habit of presenting us with the most accurate representation of today’s footballing world in an accessible format, complete with countless football teams, players, shirts and stadiums. […]

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Deadbeat Heroes – Punching above its weight?

It’s been said before that here at BGE we like a good indie game. So when a title comes along that looks interesting and different from the rest of the […]

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Destiny 2 Review: Don’t Make A Girl A Promise…

Mix weighs in on Bungie’s biggest bet yet with his massive Destiny 2 review!