Our Team:

We’re quite the friendly bunch really – here’s a quick introduction to each of our team, in their own words. Feel free to add them and say hello.


Xbox Live: Sikamikanico

Steam: Sikamikanic0

Twitter: _Sikamikanico_

Twitch: sikamikanico_

Youtube: Sikamikanico

Hi folks – a few quick words about me? Sure, I can do that. I’m an avid gamer on both PC and Xbox One, hailing from the United Kingdom. You’ll usually find me playing Halo or flying around in space on Elite Dangerous, although I enjoy plenty of other titles too. I’m a dad, so my gaming time is limited, but I’m always “online” in one form or another. Feel free to say hello!

Flugel Meister

Xbox Live: Flugel Meister

Twitter: DavidPMcDougall

I’ve been gaming and writing since I was six (1980), when my personal computer was a ZX Spectrum 48K. Since then I’ve experienced the evolution of video gaming, from Frogger and Horace Goes Skiing, to the likes of Mario, Street Fighter, and Halo. Gaming has changed a lot over the years, but my enthusiasm for it has always been huge, just like my love for cheesecake. When I’m not eating cheesecake I can usually be found on Forza, Halo, Battlefield, or World of Tanks.

I was previously the creator and editor of The Secrets Within blog, but joined Best Game Ever because I’m a team player, and like to convince others that cheesecake is superb. Because it is!


Xbox Live: MixDoesGames

Steam: MixDoesGames

PSN: LegendaryMix

Twitter: MixDoesGames

Youtube: MixDoesGames

Twitch: ThatMixShow

I’m a bit of an oddball, but not so bad once you get to know me. I play Destiny nearly every day. I used to play a lot of Halo, but it’s kind of a love that comes and goes. I enjoy playing on PC, Xbox and PS4. I play games like Destiny, Halo, Overwatch, Fallout, Dragon Quest and more. If I had to describe myself in three words, I wouldn’t because it’s just not enough.


Xbox Live / Steam / Youtube: A1BASE

The least friendly of Sikamikanicos’ ‘friendly bunch’, debonair gentleman-of-leisure A1BASE divides his time equally between overthrowing fascist dictatorships,  solving rubiks cubes with his feet and drinking gin. A veteran of 30+ years of gaming and interaction with the rest of the human race, BASE still doesn’t understand the current need for ‘social media integration’ in video games. To understand his position we only need a single quote from him: ‘If I wanted to interact with other people I wouldn’t be sitting at home in a darkened room with a fucking headset on. Video games are like watching porn – neither are a team sport.’


PSN: Thirsty_Llama

Steam: Thirsty_Llama

Xbox Live: Aitkenizer

Twitch: GameNora

Twitter: L_Aitken

Youtube: Lauren Aitken

Other blog: GameNora

Side-eye extraordinaire; Ginger; Gamer; Cat Enthusiast; Gwent aficionado; Casual streamer; Metal head; Twin-tastic; Quick-witted and vertically challenged. I really like cats, gin and narrative-driven RPG’s. Fight me in real life.

I have a penchant for space lotharios and men with swords. I’m the newest member of the team, bringing with me all the wit, charm and lewd comments befitting a 21st-century girl. I run my own blog at GameNora and prefer to work alone because I’m the hero that Best Game Ever deserves right now.


Xbox Live: Vinnie13

Steam: omgvinnie

Twitter: VinnieUK

Twitch: omgvinnie

Youtube: Vinnie13

Starting back in the grim but simpler days of the Amstrad CPC464 (google it, it existed), I’ve been playing games for ever. These days when I’m not enjoying the simple things in life (running and real ale, although not at the same time, often) you’ll find me on Xbox and occasionally PC. I have a historical issue with slow and difficult games and a super short attention span, but after cracking Spelunky and Portal (all on film, the shame) my gaming tastes are finally evolving. That said I’m still most likely to be found on Titanfall 2 hosing you with a Spitfire behind an A-Wall…..