My gaming time has been super limited lately, and any I have been playing have mainly come from my growing Xbox One backlog! However I was persuaded to launch Steam again upon hearing about a new indie game called Heat Signature. It was made by the same guy (Tom Francis) who released the unbelievably cool and popular Gunpoint 3 years ago. This is a top down space looting game with procedurally generated ships to board and loot for artifacts, extract hostages or assassinate people. How you do this is largely up to your preferences, the sandbox and the mission parameters. If you die, a new ingeniously named person appears at the bar on your home world to join the fray. Currently I’m pretty terrible at anything above medium missions, but hopefully this video will give some insight into the gameplay mechanics. I’d love more Steam friends to buy it, because as your troopers get injured or captured they can appear as mission objectives in other people’s games!

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