SpeedRunners has been around for ages, but this month it was released free with Xbox Games with Gold. What a decision, what a game. Even if this wasn’t free, I’d be recommend picking it up. SpeedRunners is a 4 player runner (unsurprisingly…) in which you try and leave your competitors lagging behind until they are eliminated by the screen border. When it’s down to the last 2 players, the screen itself begins to shrink until one runner is victorious. There are also ability pickups to turn the tide of the race as well as environmental hazards looking to trip you up. The campaign mode allows you to unlock some additional characters and gives you a good feel of the maps, along with a fair few achievements. Below is a video of some 3-4 player games, even with BASE playing from the West Coast of the USA, the netcode holds up pretty well. SpeedRunners is free until the end of June, go and download it!

Cheeseball trolling ho!

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