Everyone loves a Western, well at least I do. I played the heck out of Red Dead Redemption, and when I spied Westerado: Double Barreled had been released on Xbox One it was the excuse I needed to get my six shooter out and dust off my stetson. W:DB (long game titles FTL) is a 16 bit style top down shooter in which you play the Hero, tracking down the bad guy who burned your ranch to the ground and killed your family. The great thing about this game is that every time you play, the game chooses a different perpetrator! Your goal is to investigate the crime, question, cajole and occasionally threaten the local townsfolk into giving you clues as to the identity of the killer. It could be what hat they were wearing, a bandana colour or even if they were a fatty. The other fun thing is that during any conversation you can pull your pistol and literally every NPC is fair game for a bullet, the story will just adapt appropriately. Below is a video of my first 30 minutes in the game, I’ve played a bit more since and have got my head around the only horizontal shooting mechanics and having to reload and cock my gun manually (ooeeerr missus). The music is fantastic and the 16 bit aesthetics really suit the tone of the game. I do take a bullet at the end of this video and for a second thought it was going to go rogue-like on me but I was able to resume my game from my Uncle’s house with just a 50% reduction in my gold. Since then I’ve murdered the oil tycoon and robbed his mansion, failed at protecting more buffalo and worked my charm on the sheriff’s wife! I’m now looking forward to catching my flat brimmed hat wearing, green bandana sporting adversary and making him pay for killin’ my momma!

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