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With Android Apps swarming the Play store and iOS store daily, ripping off fully fledged Indie games, and AAA titles, finding and playing a game such as Dungeon Rushers has been a well needed breath of fresh air.

After a reasonable download size of around 83MB, you would be forgiven for thinking that this is not the full game. It isn’t uncommon for games now to have a moderate download size, only to find that it’s only an installer for the whole game, and need to download another gigabyte or more (goodbye mobile data!) The developer has done well to maintain what I find to be a quite detailed and in-depth mobile game into such a small memory pool. The other great thing I have to say about the app itself, even before getting into the content itself, is that it DOES NOT require an active internet connection. This is a godsend for me, who travels underground every day.

Loads of Dungeons to do battle in!

The game itself has 3 main screens while playing: The World Map, the Dungeon Map, and the Battle screen. On all of these screens, the UI is clean and I have no trouble with my admittedly chubby fingers to navigate without pressing the wrong button too many times. Looking at the map screen just shows how much of a fully fledged game this is. There are tens of dungeons, all created by the developer (not procedural) which shows the effort which has gone into the game. I haven’t come across any pay walls, any advertisements asking to pay, no locked menus, any of that. Instead I have a full game, which as I mentioned before is extremely rare in this current environment of Apps.

In particular I adore the battle screen, its easy to learn technique of “drag the ability to the target” is surprisingly rare, yet seems simple when you realise.

The battles themselves, the difficulty ramps up at a steady enough pace, enough to keep my attention, but still gives me enough challenge that I actually feel like I need to go over and re-battle old dungeons on the more difficult Heroic mode.

If I did have one particular qualm with the game, and after playing this for a few hours non-stop they are far and few, is that the levelling system is very drawn out. It took me a good 25 minutes until I levelled up to level 2, but it does reward you with multiple talent points per level up (more on that later). With a set number of enemies per dungeon, and the minimal experience points you get, it seems as though you are meant to go back and grind to level up, which I am more than happy to do with this game.

I adore this UI – crisp, clean, and Easy. No tutorial needed.

The levelling system, apart from the aforementioned longevity, is another example of how the game is bigger than the storage required would suggest. There is a fully mapped out talent tree, for each class in the game. For each level you get 2 talent points, which you can use to upgrade your character in any way you see fit to do so.

iPhone 5.5_2208x1242_talent_tree.png
Very impressive amount of content!

I find that Dungeon Rushers is a game which I will be going back to and playing every day, while on my morning commute, and on my evening journey back. No more are my train journeys of staring blankly into the distance, while I have my music library blasting through my ears, and instead they are filled with Dungeon crawling, grinding, levelling up, crafting, and then going back and doing it all over again.

I feel like I am justified in my decision, as this seems to be exactly what I would want a mobile game to be about. It is a fully featured RPG Rogue-like adventure, with great humour, and playability. I haven’t even touched on the features such as the multiplayer aspect and the dungeon creator, but will hope that my review tells you enough of what you need to hear in order to give this game a go. I wouldn’t want to spoil too much of the game for you.

I am extremely impressed with Dungeon Rushers, and out of a possible 5 stars I would rate this game as:



Other than a few minor hiccups, exactly what I would expect from a modern day mobile game.

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