Compared to mainstream audio headphones, usually reserved for music, you might be forgiven for thinking that the video gaming equivalent isn’t quite as good. That it’s not to be taken seriously. But that isn’t the case here at all.

Some gaming headsets provide basic audio feedback for gamers – they allow you to hear the music, listen to character dialogue and provide the vaguest indication of when an eight-foot tall alien is trying to shoot you in the face. Turtle Beach have taken the concept of audio feedback and turned it up to eleven.

elite_pro_pkg_l_view_476x574The Elite Pro headset, available for Xbox One, PC and the PS4, is the cutting edge of audio immersion, whether you are playing the likes of Call of Duty or Battlefield, or the Division and Rainbow Six Siege. They are the first headset by Turtle Beach designed for the most hardcore and dedicated eSports player.

Here, aural accuracy is the difference between hearing the baritone roar of a Ferrari engine in Forza or snatching victory in Halo 5: Guardians. It’s all about adding to the experience as well as providing accurate audio feedback so the player has a much better chance of hearing where the enemy is, through usually subtle audio feedback, such as reloads, footsteps, thrown grenades and so on.

Not only is it aimed at providing the best feedback for gamers that technology currently allows, but it also has to deal with the practical aspects of headset design: shape, comfort and ease of use, and it ticks all of those boxes.

In real world use the Elite Pro headset is unbelievably comfortable. And I mean comfortable. I’m yet to wear a more comfortable headset or headphones that are more comfortable than these. They are able to sit firmly on your head without resulting in any discomfort or excessive heat, and they are designed to accommodate a pair of spectacles.

Sound management at your fingertips, as long as you like lots of cables.

The audio is utterly flawless, projecting frighteningly accurate indications of friendly and enemy fire. In fact, the audio is so good it’s likely to make mainstream audio headphones brands, such as Beats and Sennheiser sit up and take note. And perhaps weep quietly in the corner. Voice chat is crisp and clear, and the choice of optional accessories all add to the experience.

In terms of accessories and what’s included in the box and your optional extras, there’s plenty to use for all levels. The basic pack includes the headset (with mic attached), a cable and a guide. The dedicated audio controller is separate, but audio controllers from previous headsets should work fine. I used one from the XO One and the XO Four without any issues.

For improved sound  and mic management there are several options to pursue. The Tactical Audio Controller (TAC) allows the user to tweak their mic output and audio and features the ability to utilise pre-set options, depending on your environment. you can also tailor the sound to your experience.

There’s also a noise-cancelling mic for those after flawless communication in team games. Based upon feedback when using the mic, my voice was projected clearly, and with no background interference. But it’s unclear this performs in more demanding environments, such as hosted events.


From a bespoke audio controller to a noise-cancelling mic, the Elite Pro headset is the must have for any dedicated gamer, regardless of your preference for online or campaign play.

The only downside is the price. The basic headset and mic will set you back £169.99, and if you are intending on buying the tactical audio controller and the noise-cancelling mic for improved audio and chat you are looking at spending almost £400. But lets be honest, the opportunity to gloat is worth every penny.

Out of a total of 5 stars we give the Elite Pro Headset:


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