The last few Lego games have been a blast. Literally. I get to shoot things until they explode and I gather up the collective remains for my own personal gain. Not to mention the humour, which can be enjoyed by young and more mature players alike.

But The Force Awakens really pushes the whole Lego gaming concept to new levels. It’s awash with fantastically animated levels, voiceovers from the Force Awakens cast, and features plenty of characters to play around with. And of course, the big attraction here is the blend of Star Wars and Lego, all in one title. What’s not to like?

Though I enjoyed the voice work in the Avengers: Age of Ultron Lego game, this iteration doesn’t simply snatch moments from the film, they’re specifically recorded for the game, giving it a fresh feel. It’s a more bespoke inclusion that adds to the experience, and in most cases the humour. Oh, there’s plenty of humour, but I’m not going to spoil some of the gags. let’s just say there is plenty for audiences of all ages.

The gameplay is smooth, seamless and colourful, with your typical mix of entertaining fetch missions, assembly and utilising various members of your motley crew to complete various missions, not to mention the aerial combat. It’s pretty much business as usual, much like I mentioned earlier: shoot or smash things and then either collect the spoils or build other stuff to help you along. One of the biggest surprises, though, was the inclusion of a nostalgic throwback to the Return of the Jedi, and jumping into the cockpit of the Falcon as you attempt to bring down the second Death Star. It was a nice reminder and wonderfully sets the scene for The Force Awakens related missions, but more on that in a bit. There are also the free roam areas to consider as well, providing an interesting alternative to campaign play, allowing you to simply mess around and let your plastic Lego hair down.

Poe Dameron -- quite possibly the best pilot in the universe, and the coolest.
Poe Dameron — quite possibly the best pilot in the universe, and the coolest.

The audio is superb, especially the soundtrack. It’s Star Wars for crying out loud. And it’s nice to hear the cast adding their voices to the game. Even though it mainly follows the plot of The Force Awakens, there are plenty of humorous diversions to keep you entertained and the audio enhances that.

As I previously mentioned, you start off in the Return of the Jedi, enjoying the nostalgic trip down memory lane as you experience the Battle for Endor, both on the surface and in orbit. Then you hit the campaign for The Force Awakens. Everything starts off really well and it’s certainly a fresh and exciting experience playing a Lego game in the newest addition to the Star Wars cinematic universe. But the pace does slow quite considerably further on, going from a comfortable stroll with old and new friends alike to a snail-paced crawl that seems to have been bulked out somewhat by repetitive missions and tasks. On the plus side though there are inclusions by some of the other cast members who didn’t get quite as much screen time as I’d have preferred. Gwendoline Christie’s Captain Phasma springs to mind.

Han Solo doesn't need the Force.
Han Solo doesn’t need the Force.

In summary, Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens starts off superbly, with a generous nod to the original era of Star Wars before sweeping into the new film, along with some welcome extras and new gameplay mechanics. But the overall experience is hampered by the pace of the campaign later on in the game. However, it’s still an enjoyable romp.

Out of 5, we give Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens:


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