Following on from the announcement at E3, The Division is set to see its first major expansion. In the very, very near future. Seriously, it’s not far away at all.

Called Underground, the new expansion will see agents confront and fight the threat rampaging through New York’s treacherous and claustrophobic underground. Players will hunt deadly enemies with up to three friends through an endless maze of tunnels and subways.

You've killed our minions, now try us.
As a rule, these guys tend to disapprove of Division agents. They don’t even send birthday cards.


The new additions seem to be quite generous, with the game getting some much needed fresh content, including a large incursion by those pesky Cleaners, who are intent on burning the entire city down in an effort to curb the virus, much to the Division’s annoyance. Supposedly this will feature the biggest enemy incursion to date, with Hell’s Kitchen providing the backdrop. If only Matt Murdoch could help out… Whoops! wrong franchise.

There’ll be a new Underground mode where teams of three can try their luck in a randomly generated maze of subways, tunnels and sewers, mixing together opposing threats and environmental hazards. I can only imagine this to be the long neglected back up of human faeces. Yuck! Let’s hope it’s the virus.

Scared? Only of tidying this entire city up without the aid of Mary Poppins
Scared? Only of tidying this entire city up without the aid of Mary Poppins


Other features include Challenge missions and Heroic difficulty. And lastly, players can redeem a number of Ubisoft related outfits as well, namely Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Rainbow Six: Siege, and Splinter Cell. Personally, I’m still waiting for a Assassin’s Creed themed outfit, so I can look completely out of place and still feel like a badass!

Expansion I: Underground drops tomorrow (28th June) for Windows PC and Xbox One, and August 2nd for PlayStation 4 owners.

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