Ubisoft have recently announced that Watch Dogs 2 is coming.

Centred around the protagonist, Marcus Holloway, a ‘brilliant, young hacker’ who joins a rather rebellious group of miscreants in order to bring powerful organisations down to earth.

The theme of an omnipresent digital system has returned, via ctOS, the operating system from the original Watch Dogs. Here, it’s down to you and your new-found friends to level the digital playing field and stop large corporations from exploiting the system in order to remove our freedom.

Jonathan Morin, WD2 Creative Director said: “We want to offer a vibrant and authentic world and the San Francisco Bay Area was an exciting location for us. We knew it would bring us somewhere interesting in terms of culture and tone ultimately keeping things fresh. And within this world, we want players to feel like hackers who are hacking the game to win: manipulating people for their own benefits, turning factions against each other, disrupting traffic with great control or do entire missions without even moving by just hacking remotely.

“For Watch_Dogs 2, the hacking culture is now the centre point of our narrative treatment. This not only opens up new ways for us to push seamless online but it also helps us to better integrate it into the game experience. Hacking is a lot more flexible since each hack offers several options making everything more analogue from a gameplay standpoint. We wanted players to explore content in a more organic manner throughout the world. And of course we are pushing for deeper hacking gameplay where players can really feel like they can think outside the box to solve their problems. We also listened to what the fans had to say following Watch_Dogs 1. The driving model has been redone almost entirely which makes it a lot more responsive and accessible. By deciding to focus on Dedsec this time around, we went for a cast of characters that were even more anchored in the hacking culture and that offer more layers regarding their motivations.”

As per ususal, Ubisoft delivers a visual delight
As per ususal, Ubisoft delivers a visual delight


Much like the previous installment, Watch Dogs 2 will be an open world experience. The Division proved to be a great title. Hopefully WD2 won’t simply be an edited and altered version. Hopefully, it’ll be fresh and interesting. Only time will tell if that’s the case.

Watch Dogs 2 is due for release on November 15 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.


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