This isn’t my job… writing for the site, I mean. Unfortunately, neither is playing video games. That doesn’t stop me wanting to do both, but it does rather limit the time I have for them.

In the search for content,  I decided that I was looking for a game that would provide regular gameplay, some way for people to get involved if they wanted to, and critically couldn’t take massive amounts of time. Enter Spelunky –  a rogue-like platformer that had massive success on PC and Xbox a few years ago, and a game I’ve put well over 300 hours into.

For me, Spelunky is close to the perfect game. It has exactly what it needs to make the game brilliant and no more. It doesn’t have super fancy graphics or detailed movement controls. There are no movie-esque cutscenes or leveling systems. Instead what there is is a beautifully conceived series of rules dictating your movement and the movement of enemies you encounter and it’s the combination of those 2 things that make Spelunky fantastic fun to play.

If you haven’t already seen it, I highly recommend Graham Smith’s article on the above: Bats, Man! On Spelunky’s killing joke…

The Daily Challenge is a great addition to the game which lets you have exactly 1 shot at a map that is the same for everybody. Vinnie and I used to compete regularly on it. Some days it goes well and some days it goes awfully… The video of my first Daily Challenge in a while is linked below, but I’ll keep putting up videos in the youtube playlist in case anyone wants to dust off their Indiana Jones hat and meet me in the mines for a bit of friendly competition.


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