For me, it was finally bringing a dream to reality. I thought I’d take the opportunity of walking you, dear reader, through the process of getting this built.

I recently moved, and for the first time in my adult life, there was a room available for a custom built gaming space. I’m not the best at DIY, so I was very lucky to have my father around to assist!

So the first step – strip the room.

mancave before

Once that was done, it was time to wallpaper – in this instance, the walls were too old and the plaster too shoddy to paint onto directly, so a heavy anaglypta was purchased to hide a multitude of sins.

mancave in progress

Once the wallpaper was up, several coats of paint were required. I chose a mellow lime green for my manspace.

painting complete

Once the painting was complete – including the radiators (thanks mum!), it was time to purchase and lay the floor. A relatively daunting but surprisingly easy task once you got going – My father and I had the floor down in less than 3 hours. Not bad.

floor down

Now that the room is complete, it’s time to move furniture in! Instead of the usual flat pack desks you’d end up with from Argos or Homebase, I picked up a full size office desk from a second hand furniture supply store. I can tell you now, it was well worth it. First up, I put the desk together and moved the shelving unit in to place.

furniture in

The sofa is a sofa bed – cheap and cheerful from Amazon – not the most comfortable, but perfect for occasional guests and LAN sessions. A larger than usual coffee table is in the corner, this can be pulled out and used as the main desk for LAN gaming. I also pulled in the surround sound system and set it up as a 2.1 system instead of 5.1. Mostly out of fear from the missus and my neighbours. Next up, putting all my gaming gear out on display.

shelf unit

Yes, I do have Gandalfs staff and Sting from Lord of the Rings. Now, this was done, I built the PC, placed my LED strip lighting on my monitor displays, and hung some artwork and guitars. And I mustn’t forget the Game of Thrones themed cushions. BEHOLD! The finished article.



WP_20150826_22_09_39_ProWe’re mission complete. Thanks for reading!

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