So… back in 2008 some complete mad man had the crazy idea of putting football and cars together; a kind of FIFA meets Burnout game with crashes and all sorts. And so Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars was born. And it was good. A great little time waster, with a great idea, plenty of flair and replayability. It was good, but it wasn’t memorable. Now, a good 7 years after its long-named prequel, Psyonix have brought out Rocket League. And all I can really say on it is WOW.

The game looks crisper, controls seem (from what I remember) more responsive, and when you can perform tricks like aerials and saves (What a save!) then you really feel like you have this game down.

The cars themselves are well modeled and have enough variety to satisfy any player, yet are completely irrelevant as it is purely cosmetic, apart from negligable hit box differences. This may sound pointless but it gives enough balance to allow the online community to NOT after a couple of weeks, have the same car. In fact the cars are so well balanced that this is already one of the select few (I think this particular group only has 3 or 4 games) That I have willingly bought the DLC, despite it not actually doing anything to improve the game. I actually want to help the developers support the game and let it go as far as it can, both leisurely and professionally…

…which leads me to this. This game has already been accepted into the MLG. It has already been accepted into the ESL. There is currently no stopping this game, and with Twitch streaming and the new Youtube gaming site launching this game won’t be fading into the background anytime soon. (What a Save!). All you need to do is watch the MLG final and you can appreciate the full potential of the game as an e-sport.

This game is fantastic played with friends, and you can almost fool yourself into thinking you are thinking tactically when talking and ‘making plays’ before giving them a valiant attempt. However, you will undoubtedly all be doing the manic, crazy rush towards the ball, then the goal, and then your goal as usual. This is also one of the rare games, that is just as fun when playing against randoms, there is no glory-hogs in this game; you are all on level pegging. This game is built around teams, so if you try to solo it, then you will be punished by those that know how to work as a team. This is another thing which adds to the replayability to the game.

(What a Save!)

I may not have the time on this game to officially call myself an expert. I’m not even a Veteran at this point. But I am damn sure that by the time Psyonix choose to, if they ever do, bring out a sequel to Rocket League, that this game will have bypassed my most played game, but not even by a little but by double or even quadruple the playing time. I have complete faith that this game is going to be my go-to game for a while yet.

(What a Save! Chat Disabled for 3 seconds.)


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